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Judge Leticia Astacio of Rochester, NY; drunken loser


The state of New York presented Leticia Denise Astacio with a law license in 2007 after she graduated from the University of Buffalo Law School.


Leticia was arrested, tried and is now awaiting a verdict after she her arrest for driving under the influence.


The facts relating to Leticia’s DUI arrest are as follows:

  • State Trooper found her behind wheel of her car which was on the side of I-490 westbound near the Mr. Read Blvd exit
  • Leticia’s car had front end damage and two flat tires
  • She was unable to offer any explanation for how the damage on car got there
  • Leticia refused to take any physical or breath tests

The following testimony took place during Leticia’s DUI trial.

  • She told trooper she was heading to Rochester City Court to preside that morning; however, the courthouse is in the opposite direction
  • Trooper said he witnessed Leticia’s watery eyes and smelled what he believed was alcohol
  • Trooper testified that Leticia began sobbing, started using profanity and told the trooper, “You’re ruining my fucking life.”

All that remains now is to see how the judge assigned to hear the DUI charges against Leticia rules after the trial on the matter concluded on August 15, 2016.


It should be noted that since New York Judicial Misfits are held to a much lower standard of conduct, it is highly likely that Leticia will be found not guilty by a fellow jurist.


As a consequence of him being found guilty of the misconduct aforementioned, Alan took the cowards way out and resigned his judgeship as of September 20, 2016 and agreed to never seek a judicial office for the remainder of his useless life.


As we speak (ca. August 2016), Leticia continues to sit (when sober) as a District Court judge in Rochester, New York. 

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