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What are the requirements to obtain a judgeship in the U.S. of A?

Over the past 15 or more years, numerous folks throughout the country and elsewhere have asked me if there are standards applied and/or certain attributes one must possess before he/she is deemed qualified to be appointed to a judgeship.
Of course one would like to think that the requirements would be quite onerous and demanding, right? Well, I’m here to tell ya folks it ain’t so! To be fair as is my wont, I will first list those attributes that are not necessary to obtain a judgeship verses those that are.
Attributes not required for receiving judicial appointment
  1. I.Q. equal to legal speed limit in a school zone
  2. Proven knowledge of constitutional protections such as “due process” and “free speech”
  3. A promise to treat all litigants fairly regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs and/or sexual preference in accordance with the Constitution
  4. Outright refusal to accept gratuities (aka, bribes, payoffs) no matter what the amount
Attributes required for receiving judicial appointment
  1. Documented record of acting as a compliant bootlicker/lackey for local political hacks (minimum of 10 years provable service normally required)
  2. Willingness to dispense with justice rather than “dispense justice” when dealing with ingrates (losers) that failed to support your campaign for judicial office
  3. Agreement that you will knowingly violate the constitutional rights of all minorities, which would of course include Irish-Americans
  4. Proven track record of accepting bribes and/or payoffs in assuring favorable outcomes (rulings, decisions) for the favored few
Now, I’m not saying that all judges are morons who have sold their souls to the highest bidder in effectuating an appointment to the bench. However, I can assure that well over 60%, if not more of our so-called judicial officers lack the intellectualism, intelligence and/or ethics to obtain employment as greeters at the local Wal-Mart store. Put simply, we’d likely be better served if the greeters at Wal Mart switched positions with out so-called judicial officers.
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