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What is a “Compassionate Conservative”?

When I first heard of the term “compassionate conservative,” I thought to myself, what in the hell is that? Then I thought could it be synonymous with a “compassionate wife-beater” or a “compassionate warmonger?”
At first I thought the term must have emanated from some comedian like Jay Leno. I wondered if it meant that a “compassionate conservative” would use a Nerf-bat when beating the hell out of some bleeding heart; commie-liberal; America/God hater like Michael Moore or Susan Sarandon.
After performing some due diligence (investigating the facts), I discovered that a Compassionate Conservative was in fact someone that sacrificed for the betterment of our society. In some instances these folks gave all so that we could remain a free and democratic society. And many did so at great peril to their personal safety and/or financial well-being.
These super-compassionate heroes are also god-fearing men and women, who have struggled mightily over the years to assure that all of us are treated with great respect and equality regardless of our race, ethnicity, gender, financial standing and/or sexual preferences.
Many are God-like in stature – the moral compass of the country if ya will. Put simply, they have dedicated their lives and their careers to the glorification of everything, and I mean everything that God stands for. In addition to being compassionate, they are charitable, altruistic, benevolent, tolerant of others, and of course generous to a fault.
Many are well known to you, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann “The Man” Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Michael Savage, Paul Wolfowitz and Glenn Beck, just to mention a few of the more well-recognized moral stalwarts.
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