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Judge Robert Oliver of Fresno, CA a congenital liar and a lazy Whatchmakallit

After his years-long performance as a compliant lackey for the local political hacks in the Fresno area, Robert Oliver was rewarded when those hacks were able to persuade then Gov. Pete Wilson to appoint this loser to a seat on the Fresno County Municipal Court in 1995.
Several years ago, the California Judicial Commission found Judge Robert Oliver guilty of the following egregious misconduct.
Undue delays in rendering rulings (laziness 101)
Failure to rule on discovery motions filed in October until the following May (7 months) even though he received 4 letters in Oct, Dec, Jan and March reminding him of his laziness
In April undertook two denials in 2 misdemeanor cases but didn’t rule on either case until 13 months passed
In at least one case, Oliver’s laziness resulted in a constitutional violation of the defendant’s right to a speedy trial, which necessitated dismissal of the criminal charges against her.
False Affidavits to obtain Unearned Paychecks  
California law requires that a judge must submit an affidavit disclosing any cases have been submitted for decision in excess of 90 days in order to receive a paycheck.
The Judicial Commission ruled that Judge Oliver did in fact submit false affidavits in order to obtain a paycheck from the State. In layman’s parlance this is called “perjury” which is a felony in California, punishable by 2-4 years in prison.
Judge Robert Oliver’s punishment
The enablers sitting on the California Judicial Commission punished Oliver for his egregious and felonious conduct by gifting him with a complimentary admonishment.
As we speak, this certified loser and liar continues to sit as a Superior Court Judge in Fresno, California. What a joke!
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