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Judge Bruce Mills of Walnut Creek, CA a certified loser, Il Duce Wannabee

Again we have a loser being appointed to the bench after his handlers duped then-Gov. Pete Wilson to appoint him to a judgeship in Contra Costa County in 1995. As I suspect y’all know, Bruce worked feverishly to obtain this unwarranted appointment by proving his worth as a compliant lackey, bootlicker and gopher for the local political hacks.
Judge Bruce Mills is infamous for treating litigants and attorneys who are unfortunate to have their cases assigned to him with total contempt and disrespect. In fact, he is a total embarrassment to the fond memory of the humane treatment meted out by Il Duce (aka, Benito Mussolini). 
The California Judicial Commission found Judge Bruce Mills of a variety of misconduct, some of which is as follows:
  1. Engaging in ex part (one-sided) conversations with a litigant’s attorney
  2. Repeatedly reduced pending criminal charges on his own without ever receiving authorization from the DA
  3. Engaged in an ongoing habit of making comments attorneys that were discourteous, sarcastic, demeaning and meant to belittle them in the presence of their clients
In his unwarranted and repeated degradation of local prosecutors who refused to reduce criminal charges as he demanded, he would demean them by saying: This is a felony that got filed as a misdemeanor. I’m appalled. My hair is on fire!
When an attorney exercised his statutory right by filing a peremptory challenge to get Judge Mills off the case, Bruce told the attorney that to do so “was malpractice.” Obviously, Ol’ Bruce missed his calling as a standup comedian.
As punishment for his misconduct, the enablers on the Judicial Commission gifted Bruce the Loser by gifting him with a complimentary admonishment.
As we speak, this loser continues to sit on the bench as a Superior Court Judge in Fresno County.
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