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Pluses vs. Minuses if a State chose to secede from the Union are!!!

In the recent past, some public officials (Texas Gov. Rick Perry comes to mind) have discussed the possibility of seceding from the Union. Of course there might be some benefits, but on the other hand there would also likely be some losses to so acting. From a rational or irrational viewpoint, I believe they would be as follows:
Foreseeable benefits (pluses) to Seceding
  1. No more federal income, Social Security, Medicare, fuel or excise taxes
  2. Businesses wouldn’t have to comply with EPA, FDA, PGA, PBA or USDA regulations
  3. Banks would be free to charge any fees or interest they saw fit
  4. Military bases, VA hospitals, US Courthouses and federal prisons could be converted to commercial use
  5. Oil companies could drill wherever and whenever they saw fit w/o being regulated
  6. Coal companies could destroy mountains and water supplies with total impunity
For a family earning $100,000 a year, they’d see their income increase by about $25 to $30,000 by not having to pay federal taxes. This fact alone could well result in a groundswell of voter support for seceding from the Union. You’d likely hear a lot of folks saying, “Let’s get the hell out of here!” or One can only imagine the unprecedented financial support secession would receive from the energy, banking, insurance and medical sectors.
Foreseeable losses (minuses) to Seceding
  1. Border States would have to bear cost of securing border to prevent illegal immigration
  2. Maintenance of U.S. highways
  3. Labor costs for airport security
  4. Court costs associated with deportation proceedings and to prosecute drug runners
  5. Universities would lose benefits of student loans and government subsidies
Only time will tell which state will be first to secede. I can hardly wait to see if it’s going to be Texas, South Carolina or Mississippi. On the other hand it could well be Massachusetts or Delaware, right. Who y'all pulling for?
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