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Why does JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon have contempt for military families?


Under the chairmanship (direction) of CEO Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase has been unlawfully bilking military families by overcharging them for at least $2 million. I’m sure Jamie will deny any responsibility while at the same time he receives an annual check of about $16 million. 
NBC reported that one military family was involved in a five-year battle with Chase who illegally attempted to collect $15,000 that was owed to it. Chase also violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act that prohibits foreclosing on a military member’s home; however this law didn’t stop Jamie’s crew from foreclosing on at least 14 homes and causing the families to be tossed out on the street. And they continued to so act even after receiving repeated warnings their conduct was illegal.
Chase had the chutzpah to claim that it was all a mistake. Sure it was Mr. Dimon. It wasn’t because you and you fellow big shots have total contempt for them little folks, right Jamie?
This is the same Mr. Dimon that went begging like a dog to secure a $25 billion bailout under the TARP program, which was funded in part by the same military families he and his subordinates so cheerfully bilked for years. If it was a mistake Mr. Dimon, then why haven’t you personally apologized to every military family that you victimized?
Mr. Jamie Dimon is a member of the new class of “robber barons,” however, me thinks that John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie would find his conduct in fleecing military families just a tad over the top. In fact if they were alive, they’d likely need to don industrial strength barf bags upon learning Jamie’s despicable conduct.
After being exposed for this despicable conduct, Dimon and his troupe of moneygrubbers announced they’d repay the $2 million they overcharged and allow the families who were thrown out of their homes to move back.  Oh by the way Jamie, will this $2 million be paid out of the $25 billion ya received in TARP funds?
What an unmitigated loser!
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