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Alex Jones says, Witch Hillary Clinton to blame for Dallas Police Shootings


During a recent (early July 2016) episode of Genesis Communication Networks’ The Alex Jones Comedy Show, resident lunatic and congenital liar Alex Jones had the chutzpah to blame Hillary Clinton for the killings of 5 Dallas Police Officers.


Alex the Loon then told his intellectually infirm listeners:

  • “Better listen up white people, better listen up, or you’re gonna get killed.”
  • “She’s [Hillary] right there telling you, you better do what I say, cops, you better let strong cities in, you better let the U.N. run thigs, then we’ll protect you.”
  • “Then you can kill whoever you want, you don’t let us run the show, we’re going to burn your cities down.”  

Alex went on with his loony rant by saying:

  • “You know what I say lady?”
  • “You go ahead and burn it down and we’re going to blame you for it because we know you did it.”
  • “Because let me give you a little news flash, witch, I know you told Congress this because it’s true, you were begging for more money to fight us and others, you’re losing the info war. Badly.”

Alex concluded his screwy rant by saying:

  • “And so you think you’re operating in a vacuum, because you’ve got a bunch of stupid college kids and folks that want to go out and die in some blood bath that sociopaths, and criminals, and lunatics listening to you?”
  • “And they feel empowered because the big TV and the MTV and all the rest of the media has been hyping this culture war? It’s totally synthetic.”
  • “You are going to get the blame for all of this, and anyone who is a thinking person knows what you’ve done and you’ve woken people up like nothing I’ve ever seen.”
  • “So I guess I should say to Hillary Clinton, thank you for what you’ve done, because you’ve woken up a lot of idiots, I’m sorry I mean people.”

It is quite disturbing to know that this Certified Lunatic actually commands an audience. Even more disturbing is the fact Donald “The Don” found this Idiot to be a wonderful person who has stated his full-throated support for his presidential run.


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