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Alex Jones says, George Soros Engineers Dallas Cop Killings to Launch Race War


The following article deals with Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars and a well-disrespected Lunatic who has authored numerous loony conspiracy theories over the years, all of which were meant to and did in fact benefit him financially.


It should be noted that Alex the Loon is an ardent supporter of Donald “The Don” Trump.


Shortly after (early July 2016) the killing of five (5) Dallas Policemen, Alex the Loon decided spew forth his usual dose of lies by falsely asserting that liberal philanthropist George Soros engineered the murder of the Dallas Police officers as part of his ongoing plot to divide and destroy America. (Brian Tashman)


Alex went on to tell his intellectually impoverished follows:


Soros is pushing for a “Marxist overthrow of the United States” because “through the destabilization, an even bigger police state will come into control that the social engineers believe they’ll be able to hijack.”


Alex then claimed that Black Lives Matter activists knowingly exaggerate allegations of police brutality to justify “a takeover of the policy by the globalists,” that will turn police officers into “oppressors” in a future “reign of terror.”


Alex then challenged police officers to go after the “freakazoid, wierdo, Nazi-collaborator” George Soros. He followed up this BS by saying:

  • “Are you such big wimps, all the state police, all the local police, the FBI, everybody, that you’d let this son of a bitch, this piece of crap, mess with our media, mess with our country and engage in destabilization like this?”
  • “I’m willing stand up against him!”
  • “These people are orchestrating something that’s meant to bring the country down, starting with making the revolution about killing police so that it destroys the whole constabulary so the globalists can come in with their control. It’s that simple.”
  • “This is the attack takedown of America and George Soros shouldn’t be out and walking around.”
  • “He sure shouldn’t be in this country anymore.”
  • “They’ve got arrests warrants out for him in Russia and half a dozen other countries.”
  • “He needs to get his ass out of this country now.”

Alex knows for a fact that Soros is of Jewish ancestry, which makes his comments that he’s a Nazi-collaborator even more disgusting. Moreover, if anyone needs to be tossed out of the U.S. of A. it is Alex and those of his ilk.


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