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Is Ireland’s Proposed Judicial Discipline System Laughable at best?

The Irish Times recently reported that the Irish Judicial Industry (IJI) is supporting legislation to setup a so-called Judicial Council to investigate Judicial Misfits and mete out punishment.
The legislation was recently discussed at a general meeting of the State’s judges, which heard from Marilyn King, registrar of the Ontario (Canada) judicial council; describe how its council works. What a joke since the Canadian system is dedicated to acting as enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits.
The legislation will establish a judicial council that will have responsibility for judicial standards (what standards?) and conduct, and will set up a complaints and disciplinary procedure for judges.
In an inept attempt at levity, the judicial council will have lay representation, with the caveat that a majority of its members will be judges, in order to insure the independence of the judiciary. These buffoons obviously missed their calling as standup comedians.
To suggest that the majority of judicial council members must be judges to insure the “independence of the judiciary” takes chutzpah to new levels. What these buffoons really mean is that in order to protect the “Brotherhood” from really being punished, they need to have the misconduct of Judicial Misfits judged by other Judicial Misfits.
If these self-serving louses were truly concerned about ridding the Irish of Judicial Misfits, they would demand that the council be made up entirely of lay members. After all, aren’t the good non-members of the Judicial Industry in Ireland (that’d be the hard working stiffs) capable of determining whose “been naughty” and whose “been nice?”
One thing my fellow Irish friends (the Dawg is half Irish) can take to the bank is that the number of Judicial Misfits that will actually be punished will be so minimal as to not be worthy of comment. In fact, if all goes as planned by the Judicial Industry, they’ll have everyone believe that the purity of Irish judges is on par with Ivory Soap (99.9% pure).
An unreliable source indicated that at the meeting of the State judges wherein this matter was discussed, that in order to give some needed levity to the event the invited Mr. Bushmills and his cohort Mr. Jameson, thereby assuring it would be a smashing success.
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