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Will the Supreme Court vote to repeal Obamacare? Was Jeffrey Dahmer a carnivore?

Now that those sitting to the right of God have succeeded in having two of their lackey federal judges (Roger Vinson and Henry Hudson) declare Obamacare unconstitutional, they now eagerly wait for the same result from the five reliable bootlickers sitting on the US Supreme Court.
I can assure you that Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell and their benefactors (some laughingly call them contributors) are more than confident of the impending result from the Court.
Guaranteeing favorable judicial rulings has been the ploy of the elite, deep-pocket corporations in the medical/insurance industry for years. These folks learned long ago that it was cheaper to purchase a Supreme Court than it was to buy the services of legislators. Think about it folks, legislators have to be bought every two or four years wherein justices on the U.S. Supreme Court only have to be bought once. State Supreme Court justices can be bought every 6 to 12 years depending on the state.
One only needs to look at the successful purchases of the Texas and Ohio Supreme Courts in the recent past to appreciate what a great investment scheme this was and is. To be fair, this Ol’ Dawg would find it just as unseemly if Supreme Courts were purchased by those on the left.
Only those possessing an I.Q. equal to the legal speed limit in a school zone would opine that the U.S. Supreme Court will not rule to declare Obamacare unconstitutional.
If I’m wrong, I will be more than willing to forfeit my 2012 tickets on the 50-yard-line to the 2012 Super Bowl when I will finally be able to witness my Detroit Lions prevail. Go Lions!!
And lastly, I am personally offended by so-called Republicans who have the chutzpah to basically tell middle and lower-income Americans that they aren’t really entitled to affordable health insurance. And this is coming from a lifelong Republican (ca. 1965-2011). Apparently I was spoiled by the leftist thinkings of that infamous commie-pinko Dwight Eisenhower and/or his fellow leftwinger Nelson Rockefeller.
Have you no shame Mr. Boehner!!!
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