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Is Watchdog’s grandson Trevor (5 at the time) an aspiring politician?


During the time that Trevor attended daycare at a facility in Folsom, California, it was my grandfatherly duty to pick him up at about noon every day. After picking him up I would take him to my place wherein he was duly spoiled by his Grandma.
During our ten-minute commute to my place, Trevor had a knack for engaging conversations. On one occasion on a Friday in 2007 (shortly after his older sister went on a trip to DC with her 8th grade class), and when he was but five-years-old the conversation went like this:
Trevor:       Grandpa, we don’t have school on Monday.
Gramps:     Why not?
Trevor:       My class is going to Washington D.C. on Monday.
Gramps:     Oh, are your Mom and Dad taking you to D.C.?
Trevor:       No, just me and my class are going.
Gramps:     How are you going to get there?
Trevor:       Mom’s going to take me and my motorcycle (battery driven) to school Monday morning.
Gramps:     Well, how are you guys getting to the airport?
Trevor:       The other kids will ride a bus and I will ride my motorcycle in front of the bus so they can follow me to the airport so they don’t get lost.
Gramps:     You will have to leave early for the airport because the traffic is bad in the morning.
Trevor:       There won’t be any traffic because nobody can drive their cars when we’re going to the airport; even the police can’t drive then.
Gramps:     So there will be a bus to pick you guys up when you get to D.C., right?
Trevor:       No Grandpa, they don’t have busses in Washington D.C.
Gramps:     How do you know they don’t have busses?
Trevor:       Because the last time I was there, I had to walk from the airport to downtown.
This conversation clearly indicates that Trevor has the necessary attributes to become a full-fledged politician. It’s obvious he has the ability to lead others, portray himself as a well-traveled man, and most importantly make-up events that never took place. Kinda reminiscent of those hyperbolic (aka, BS) claims that Saddam had WMD or that he was connected to Al Quida if ya know what I mean Is there a Governship or something even better in the offing for Ol' Trev? Is Trev VP material?

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