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Hillary knowingly lies that The Don lacks experience in foreign affairs


After Don Trumporleone became the GOP presidential nominee in May 2016, Hillary Clinton and/or her surrogates wrongfully and falsely accused The Don of lacking any experience in foreign affairs.


The following undisputed facts prove beyond all doubt that The Don has a plethora (means plenty Jethro) of experience in foreign affairs.


The Don’s first plaything who eventually became his first wife Ivana Marie Trump, was a socialite and fashion model who was born in the Moravian town Zlin, Czechoslovakia. Therefore, The Don clearly had foreign experience in matters involving the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


The Don’s third plaything who eventually became his third wife and continues (ca. 2016) to be his wife is Melania Trump, a Slovene-American jewelry and watch designer and former model.


Melania was born in southeastern Slovenia, which at the time as part of Yugoslavia. Melania’s modeling career had her working as a model in Milan, Italy and Paris, France. In addition to speaking English, Melania also speaks French, German, Italian, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian. This will allow her to be a tremendous asset to The Don in regards to dealing with foreign affairs.


Lastly, as it relates to The Don’s affair with Melania, it once again proves that he’s well versed in foreign affairs in regards to Slovenia and Yugoslavia.


In addition, The Don owned and operated the Miss Universe contest from 1996 to date. Over the past twenty (20) years, The Don has had dealings with contestants and/or their representatives from at least 100 countries. Again, this is proof positive that The Don has the experience in foreign matters to be the next president.


And lastly and most importantly, The Don has engaged in a wide variety of foreign affairs in regards to the manufacturing of various products, some of which are as follows:

  • Trump ties made in China
  • Trump suits made in Mexico
  • Trump cufflinks made in Bangladesh
  • Eyeglasses made in Honduras
  • Golf course in Scotland

It cannot be disputed that The Don has a wealth of foreign affair experience. To suggest otherwise is to ignore the aforementioned evidence.


In closing, who would you trust running the government’s foreign affairs? Someone who was previously the Secretary of State or a person with proven foreign affairs credentials like The Don?

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