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U.S. Judge Vanessa Ruizof DC; certified loser

President Bill Clinton made a monumental error in judgment when he appointed Vanessa Ruiz to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in 1994.
The judges on the DC Court of Appeals are appointed by the president for 15-year terms. After their initial term they come up for reevaluation to be appointed for another 15-year term.
In late 2009, the enablers/apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure had was offered by Noel J. Francisco, Esq.
The Commission members made this recommendation to President Obama despite the fact that they specifically ruled that Ruiz’s backlog of cases needing adjudication is “the highest by far of any of the appellate judges on the D.C. Court of Appeals,” and as a result, litigants often “must wait multiple years for decisions to be rendered” by her.
Hopefully, the commission members were reimbursed for the costs of purchasing “industrial strength knee pads” for acting as quintessential enablers for a celebrated Judicial Misfit.
Unfortunately, Her Dishonor was reappointed for another fifteen years, meaning she’ll continue to not provide the services she is paid $185,000 to provide. What a joke!
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