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Is Democracy served when 1 U.S. Sen. “secretly” blocks legislation?

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve always been under the impression that the term “Democracy” meant that when 50% or more of elected legislators supported specific legislation that this meant it would be enacted. But of course I was educated at Catholic Schools in Toledo, Ohio! Apparently, I can no longer trust the math dispensed by my trusty abacus!
Over the past two years, several Senators have “secretly” blocked any consideration of legislation and/or judicial appointments that was clearly supported by the majority.
Ya gotta wonder why some so-called public servant would demand that his/her despicable conduct be kept “secret.” Maybe it was based on Jeffrey Dahmer’s demand that his recipe for “rump roast” be concealed from practicing carnivores.
As a citizen of California I take great offense at some loser Senators like Mike Crappy, I’m sorry I mean Crappo from Idaho, John Asshole, again I’m sorry, I mean Brasso of Wyoming  or Jim DeMint from South Carolina foisting their agendas on me. After all, there are over 37 million citizens living in California verses 536,000 in Wyoming, 1.6 million in Idaho and 4.5 million in South Carolina.
Before moving to Sacramento I resided in Toledo and then Columbus, Ohio. The Sacramento area has a population of about 2.1 million; Columbus 1.7 million and Toledo 651,000.
To suggest that a certified loser like Mike Crappo who represents 1.6 million citizens should have the right to impose his ideology on the 37 million citizens of California is absurd. Even more absurd, is Senator DeMint imposing his screwy agenda on California’s 37 million citizens even though he only represents about 60% or 2.7 million of SC citizens..
This Ol’ Dawg has advised his grandchildren that if this kind of BS continues that they should seriously consider renouncing their U.S. citizenship and move to a more democratic county like North Korea.
And lastly, why do these so-called public servants demand that their undemocratic and Stalinist (I apologize, Obama is the real Stalin, right Boyz and Girls?) actions remain secret? To ask the question is of course to answer it, which means they lack the gonads attributable to Rep. Michelle Bachman.
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