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What caused America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani to marry his cousin?

As a young boy, Rudy considered becoming a priest, but chose to study law after learning that
the priesthood (a) frowned on sexual relationships with the opposite sex and/or family members, and (b) because it was the second most ethical profession (used car salesman being No. 1).
Rudy’s first marriage was to his cousin, Regina Peruggi. Left-wingers have for years repeatedly and unmercifully attacked Rudy for marrying her. However, there’s a valid reason why Rudy married Regina and these unrepentant, God-hating liberals absolutely knew what it was. I know, I know, you want to know what this valid reason was, right? Okey-dokey, since you insist, I’ll tell ya! Rudy was left with no choice but to marry his cousin because his sister was already spoken for.
Rudy’s marriage to cousin annulled by Catholic Church
After 14 years of marriage to Regina, Rudy obtained an annulment of the marriage on the grounds that the Catholic Church had not given him prior permission to marry his cousin. [Damn Catholics and their stringent rules on incestuous relationships!] With Rudy’s rumored crush on his sister, I can’t understand why he didn’t approach the Church for permission to marry her before he opted for second best by marrying his cousin, can you?
This just goes to show you that had Nevada Senator John Ensign or South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford converted to Catholicism years ago, they too could have applied to their local priest for dispensation (annulment so to speak) for their out-of-wedlock, adulterous affairs.
After all, dispensation from the Catholic Church clearly eliminates (in fact trumps) the need for an adulterer to obtain prior permission from his/her spouse, right? Hot Tamales for everyone, so sayeth Reverend Sanford!
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