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Is Judge W. Kennedy Boone, III of Hagerstown, MD; certified lush


Judge W. Kennedy Boone, III sits as an associate judge in Washington County Circuit Court, 4th Judicial Circuit when sober and up to the demanding physical task of actually placing his significant derriere on the bench.
On November 5, 2009, Judge Boone was arrested by the Hagerstown Police after he was involved in a car accident in which his vehicle struck a vehicle on Prospect Street in Hagerstown.
Boone was arrested after taking a breathalyzer test, which showed a blood alcohol level at .18, well above the legal limit in Maryland.
Subsequently, the Maryland Judicial Commission filed an ethics complaint against Boone. During the Commission’s investigation, Judge Boone advised the Commission that he has a long history of struggling with alcoholism. Boone went on to state that he previously attended several alcohol related therapeutic programs and presently attends Judicial Misfit meetings, I’m sorry I mean Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
An unreliable source indicated that previously Boone attended a program for confirmed loop-legged blottos at the David Hasselhoff Recovery House in Santa Monica, California.
The enablers on the Judicial Commission punished Boone by gifting him with a complimentary private reprimand. Goshes and Gollies I bet that really hurt, right?
To be excruciatingly fair to the Commission which is my wont, they also ordered that Booney Baby is required to take daily blood-alcohol tests before and during his courtroom work. (Baltimore Sun)
Maybe it would be more appropriate to order that Boone take a “daily ethics test” each and every day before he’s allowed to go on the bench. I’m sure he would have great difficulty in passing, right?
It was rumored via an unreliable source that the Judicial Commission was quite impressed with letters attesting to Judge Boone’s character they received from some of his closest associates such as Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and most importantly Igor Stolichnaya. Wowee, I’m impressed, aren’t you?
As we speak (ca. Jan 2011), this celebrated lush remains on the bench. What a joke! Is this clown (my apologies to clowns) a loser or what?



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