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Donald Trump could be one of Top 4 Presidents in American History


David Lane is an extremist right wing religious lunatic who is a supporter of the Republican Party. In an attempt to prove his creds as an up can coming Standup Comedian, Dave had the chutzpah to claim that The Donald


Dave recently (early May 2016) send a letter to right wing whacko pastors that are involved in his screwy American Renewal Project, wherein he laughingly told them that:

  • “I’m going to choose to believe that Donald Trump can be one of the top four presidents in American history."  
  • "But the proof is in the eating of the pudding, and Mr. Trump is going to have to return to the Ronald Reagan model: running and governing on 'principle' and 'moral absolutes.”

Dave went on to opine that he backs Trump because of gun rights, the needs of U.S. workers, and Donald’s eagerness to “confront totalitarian political correctness.”


In a lame attempt to cement his status as one of America’s Awe-Inspiring Standup Comedians, Dave suggested that The Donald should select Newt Gingrich as his running mate. He then praised the serial philanderer by saying:

  • “It would be tremendous because Newt is respected and mature and has experience." More important, Lane said,
  • “Gingrich would "mobilize evangelical and Catholic pro-life conservatives who stayed home in the last election cycle.”

Both The Donald and Newt have been married three times, meaning they both been divorced twice. This fact standing along would likely make many evangelicals and Family Values Voters toss their collective cookies. Put simply, if being serial adulterers as the key to being elected President and Vice President, then the country is going to hell in a handbasket.


And lastly, I trust that billionaire Donald Trump readily reimbursed Dave for the costs of the Industrial Strength Knee Pads he purchased to kiss The Don’s ring.


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