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Judge Tamra Gormley of KY; a die-in-the-wool Misandrist (Man-Hater)


Sadly, ex- Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher made a monumental error in judgment when he appointed Tamra Gormley to sit as a Family Court Judge in the Frankfort area in 2007.
Shortly after ascending to the throne, Judge Gormley immediately began to hone her substantial skills as a certified moron, loser, and most importantly an Il Duce Wannabee (aka, Benito Mussolini).
In the short time she’s been on the bench, the Kentucky Judicial Commission has found her guilty of misconduct on two separate occasions. In the first instance she was suspended from the bench without pay for 45 days and the second occasion10 days. The findings of misconduct included the following:
  1. Feb 2007, denied a man his “due process” rights by illegally holding him in contempt and sentencing him to six months in jail
  2. July/Sept 2008, illegally issued domestic violence order and change of custody removing child from father’s care and denied him visitation by violating jurisdictional requirements and trampling on the father’s due process (prior notice) rights
  3. Illegally issued custody orders in a case under the sole control of an Indiana state court judge
  4. Unlawfully closed court proceedings to the public
  5. Failed to follow the law while terminating parental rights to two fathers
  6. Court records clearly indicate that Gormley acted as an advocate for mothers in custody cases
It’s pretty clear that Judge Gormley is a die-in-the-wool “man-hater” (aka, Misandrist). An unreliable source indicated that Judge Gormley was a finalist for the 2010 Rosie O’Donnell Man of the Year Award.
Judge Gormley’s attorney, William Haskins of Lexington, Kentucky defended her deplorable conduct by stating that Gormley did not act in bad faith and was not “grossly and persistently incompetent.” 
Well, now aint’ that just great? Gormley didn’t really commit any misconduct because she’s not a persistent idiot(incompetent). Seems to me that attorney Haskins missed his calling as a standup comedian.
It is indeed a sad commentary that someone of Judge Gormley’s ilk is allowed to remain on the bench despite the fact that she has repeatedly proven she is unfit to so act.
I suppose if some unlucky feller has to appear before this woman-hater in the future, he might want to consider wearing a dress and high-heels to at least having a fighting chance he’ll be treated fairly.


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