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God’s gonna Punish SNL for “Taking Satan’s side”


During a recent (mid-April 2016) interview with WorldNetDaily, Pat Boone claimed to be outraged by a recent SNL (Saturday Night Live) ski called “God is a Boob Man” that poked fun of the Religious right’s persecution complex with a fake trailing for a “God’s Not Dead”-style movie. (Brian Tashman, Right Wing Watch)


Patty went on to tell WorldNetDaily’s intellectually infirm followers that the skit was part of a larger “evil” and “violent” agenda to attack America, the Bible and God, and that the producers will be sent to hell. Patty the Loon went on to say:

  • “God is not thin-skinned. But he does demand reverence.”
  • “If you have any brains at all you don’t pitch yourself against someone who created all things, the God of the Bible.” he said. “They don’t have to apologize to Christians [but]
  • “When you come against God and the Holy Spirit who are one and the same, you are bringing upon yourself eternal comedic relief, I’m sorry, eternal condemnation.”

At 82 years-of-age and with $30 million in the bank you’d think that Patty would have better things to do then portray himself as God’s self-anointed messenger. Maybe Patty would feel a little better if he released a new version of his hit “Ain’t that a Shame,” which would go something like this.


SNL made me cry

When they told God goodbye


Ain’t that a shame?

My tears fell like rain

Ain’t that a shame?

SNL’s the one to blame


Farewell SNL, goodbye

However, I ain’t gonna cry


This would likely be a number one hit with Patty’s fellow religious zealots who are all incapable of taking a joke. In this case Patty, the jokes on you!


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