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Rev. Rick Joyner says, Americans died when Russia/China hacked Hillary’s email serve


Rick Joyner is the founder and so-called pastor of the MorningStar Ministries, which is dedicated to fleecing its followers out of as much cash as they can possible depart with. Put simply, Ricky is just another celebrated charlatan in the mold of Jimmy Swaggart.


During a recent (mid-April 2016) episode of his Prophetic Perspective on Current Events Comedy Show, Ricky stated that it is an outrage that Hillary Clinton has not been indicted over her use of her email server during her time as Secretary of State. (Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch)


Ricky went on to tell his intellectually poverty-stricken viewers the following:

  • Some of the emails were classified above top secret."
  • "And we [Ricky and his fellow Lying Loons] do know that the Russians and the Chinese both hacked in, probably got all that information.”

Ricky finished off his Loony comments by saying:

  • “We don't know how many of our people died; we know that some did. We know that some of our operatives have disappeared.
  • “All this has come out in the news; it's all been public record.”

What we (that’d be anyone with an I.Q. in triple digits) know is that Ricky is lying piece of crap. There has never and I mean never been any evidence of any kind that supports his defamatory statements that the Russians and Chinese hacked into Hillary’s server. Moreover, there is “no public record” of anyone Americans being killed or of having disappeared as Ricky the Lying Loon states.


Sadly, Lying Loons like Ricky are able to earn a really good living by spewing forth all sorts of lies that are intended to flame the prejudices of his listeners, which then leads to his financial benefit.


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