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Judge Alfred Nance of Baltimore; arrogant Il Duce Wannabee, misogynist, repeater

As we speak (ca. Jan 2011), Judge Alfred Nance continues to sit on the Baltimore Circuit Court. Judge Alfred Nance has taken several bites at the Judicial Misfit Tree as you’ll see below.
Judge Nance is infamous in the Baltimore area as an Il Duce Wannabee (FYI: Il Duce was none other than Italian dictator Benito Mussolini) and for being arrogant and a practicing misogynist.
1st Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
Based on his depraved conduct prior to 2001, the Judicial Commission found Judge Nance found guilty of acting in “undignified” and demeaning” ways toward women in his court and private chambers. Put simply, he was adjudged to be a “misogynistic scumbag.”
2nd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree

In 2004, Il Duce was charged with the following misconduct by the Judicial Commission:
  • Made an “unwelcome gesture to a city prosecutor by massaging her shoulder”
  • Improperly criticized the way a prospective juror was wearing his yarmulke
For this misconduct, the Judicial Commission gifted Nance with a complimentary reprimand.
3rd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree

In 2009, Il Duce was charged with the following misconduct by the Judicial Commission:
While presiding over a matter involving the brother of Ms. Tamika Clevenger, Judge Nance lost his temper when she threw a kiss at her brother and said, “I love you.” Il Duce responded by saying “I love you, too. Ten days, Baltimore City Detention Center. Take her. Don’t’ bring that stuff in my house.”
In another instance, Il Duce ordered a woman wearing a strapless top: “Young lady, step in the hall. The beach is three blocks down and to the right. It’s not in this courtroom.”
The enablers on the Judicial Commission have not yet punished this certified loser for his repeated misconduct; however, he’ll likely receive a complimentary reprimand at best.
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