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Are Democrat Judges more loyal to their party hacks than Republicans?

I suspect that for the most part y’all are unaware that Federal judges are allowed to take on “Senior Status” after ten (10) years from the date they are appointed by the President to the bench.
This obnoxious and obscene conduct allows a so-called “apolitical” (aversion to politics) jurist to do act as follows:
Assure that his/her replacement is appointed by a Democrat/Republican President
Arbitrarily increase the number of judgeships contrary to Congressional intent/law
According to records published by the Administrator of the Federal Judiciary, our so-called “apolitical” jurists acted accordingly in assuming “senior status” to assure appointments would be made by the political party (President) who originally appointed them (70 judgeships in total) to office.
  • 20 = Republican appointees replaced by Democrat President
  • 1 = Democrat appointee replaced by Republican President
  • 45 = Democrat appointees replaced by Democrat President
  • 4 = Republican appointees replaced by Republican President
The undisputed facts aforementioned clearly demonstrate that judges appointed by Democratic elected Presidents are much more steadfast in their allegiance to their political party then Republican politicians are.
Let’s not mince words here Boyz and Girls! Nominations to the federal bench are made by US Senators and are solely and I mean solely based on one’s proven loyalty to the Party. Put simply, in most instances, a nominee has proven his/her worth as a reliable lackey, gopher, apple-polisher, and most importantly an ass-kisser who can be relied upon to dispense with justice rather than “dispense justice.”
It is indeed a sad commentary on the state of the federal judiciary that the vast majority of nominees are selected for their allegiance to the platform of a particular political party.
In a perfect world in accordance with the precepts (aka, BS) espoused by our so-called public servants empowered to appoint federal judges, we’d be rightfully served by apolitical jurists who were solely interested in dispensing real justice.
Take my advice Boyz and Girls, if you’re a registered Republican and/or a Tea Party aficionado y’all might want to consider keeping that a secret if you appear before any of the judges mentioned below:
  1. Torres, Ernest C. – North Carolina
  2. Calabresi, Guido – 2nd Circuit New York
  3. Parker Jr., Barrington – Washington, D.C. 
  4. Gershon, Nina – Chicago
  5. Marrero, Victor – Puerto Rico
  6. Rakoff, Jed S. – Pennsylvania
  7. Stein, Sidney H. – New Jersey
  8. Hayden, Katharine S. – New York
  9. Caputo, A. Richard – New York
  10. Munley, James M. – Pennsylvania
  11. Ambrose, Donetta W. – Pennsylvania
  12. Messitte, Peter J. – Washington, D.C.
  13. Duffy, Patrick Michael – South Carolina
  14. Friedman, Jerome B. – New Jersey
  15. Moon, Norman K. – Virginia
  16. Lemmon, Mary Ann Vial – New Orleans
  17. Duval Jr., Stanwood R. – New Orleans
  18. Heartfield, Thad – Port Arthur, Texas
  19. Kazen, George P. – Laredo
  20. Briones, David – El Paso
  21. Gilman, Ronald Lee – 6th Circuit Cincinnati
  22. Tarnow, Arthur J. – Detroit
  23. Carr, James G. – Toledo, Ohio
  24. Evans, Terence – Milwaukee
  25. Coar, David H. – Alabama
  26. Manning, Blanche M. – Chicago
  27. Moody, James Maxwell – Arkansas
  28. Barnes, Harry F. – Tennessee
  29. Dawson, Robert T. – Arkansas
  30. Shaw, Charles A. – Tennessee
  31. Zapata, Frank R. – Arizona
  32. Whelan, Thomas – California
  33. Miller, Jeffrey T. – New York
  34. Lorenz, M. James – California
  35. King, Garr M. – Idaho
  36. Haggerty, Ancer L. – Oregon
  37. Whaley, Robert H. – West Virginia
  38. Kern, Terence C. – Oklahoma
  39. Campbell, Tena – Idaho
  40. Kimball, Dale A. – Utah
  41. Adams Jr., Henry Lee - Florida
  42. Huck, Paul C. – Kentucky
  43. Gold, Alan Stephen – New York
  44. Hurley, Daniel T. – Massachusetts
  45. Evans, Orinda – Georgia
From me to y’all, Good Luck Boyz and Girls if you've gotta appear before these so-called jurists!!!
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