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Is Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott an unabashed narcissist?


Gregg Abbott has dedicated the lion’s share of his career porking out at the public trough. From 1992 he


At one time Gregg was a District Court Judge. In 1995 he was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court and remained in that position until 2002 when he was elected Attorney General where he unfortunately remains as we speak (ca. Jan 2011).

To cement his status as a practicing narcissist, Gregg found it appropriate to gobble up $40,627.92 from February through June 2010 in campaign funds to pay Portraits South of North Carolina for the cost to produce a portrait that was subsequently hung in the Supreme Court.
Of course it goes without saying that Ol’ Gregg never sought permission from any of his contributors before he dispensed with over $40,000 of their campaign funds to satisfy his narcissism.
Do y’all really think that Gregg ever contacted any of the folks below to seek their okay to dispense with their contributions in this manner?
  1. Abernethy, Susan, Plano, TX, 75025, 20091006, 25.00
  2. Amundson, Donald, Austin, TX, 78753-5735, 20090701, 25.00
  3. Avriett, Rupert, Houston, TX, 77063, 20091002, 50.00
  4. Baker, Winfred, Amarillo, TX, 79106, 20091008, 25.00
  5. Beall, Ray, Jacksonville, TX, 75766, 20091007, 50.00
  6. Bills, Jack, Kerrville, TX, 78028, 20090930, 50.00
  7. Cuenod, Ronald,, Houston,TX,77098,20091007,20.00
  8. Meredith, John, Houston, TX, 77024, 20091015, 25.00
  9. Rigsby, Cecil, Austin, TX, 78758, 20091007, 25.00
  10. Shimer, Gerold, Austin, TX, 7873420091005, 30.00
  11. Towers, BettySan Antonio, TX, 78229, 20091229, 25.00
Of course I guess the above named contributors and their counterparts can take some comfort in knowing that Bob “The Builder” and his wife Doylene saw fit to invest, I’m sorry I mean contribute $250,000 to Ol’ Gregg from June 2009 through Jan 2010. Therefore, I suppose it would be fair to say that Bob the Builder actually funded the entire $185,000 the above named narcissists spent in campaign funds. Hey Bobby Baby and Doylene, thanks!!!
To be excruciatingly fair to Gregg, he’s not the only ex-Justice of the Texas Supreme Court afflicted with a bad case of narcissism. In fact, his fellow justices on the Court dispensed with campaign funds for portraits of themselves as follows:
  • $65,054.15 – Spent by Justice Harriet O’Neill
  • $28,428.01 – Spent by ex-Justice and current US Senator John Cornyn
  • $22,301.19 – Spent by ex-Justice Alberto Gonzales
  • $28,645.27 – Spent by ex-Justice Michael Schneider
  • $185,056.64 = Total for these 5 narcissists for an average of $37,031
I wonder how many disadvantaged seniors in Texas could have had their prescriptions for arthritic medicine paid with this princely sum. Or how many children of middle class children could have afforded the tuition at the University of Texas in Austin. To be fair to these certified narcissists, would it really have been fair for them to forgo this type of self-flagellation? After all Boys and Girls, who was more deserving?





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