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Frank Gaffney sez Ted Cruz will save us from Sharia Law 


During a recent (early April 2016) appearance on the Breitbart News Daily Comedy Show, serial lunatic, congenital liar and Celebrated Bigot Frank Gaffney appeared with comedy host Stephen Bannon. (Brian Tashman)


Sen. Ted Cruz is proud to proclaim that he has employed Gaffney to advise him on foreign affairs in his rung for the GOP presidential nomination. This is akin to hiring Mel Gibson


While speaking to Brietbart’s low I.Q. audience, Gaffney spoke about Ted Cruz’s support for a program in New York City that monitored Muslims. Fellow bigot Bannon then praised the NYPD’s Demographic Unit as being “so successful” in combating security threats.


Bannon’s comment is proven to be patently false since the NYPD admitted that the since-abandoned spying program “never generated a lead or triggered a terrorism investigation.”


Gaffney went on to say that Sen. Cruz wants to make sure that no neighborhood in the U.S. of A. becomes: 

  • “…dominated by folks who are engaged in a practice that is anti-constitutional and hostile to the values of our country, specifically those who are seeking to impose a program they call Sharia.”
  • “Sharia law is manifesting itself in parts of the United States.”

Of course the bigoted loser fails to tell his fellow bigots the specific areas in the United States where Sharia law is manifesting itself. And the reason is because he’s a damn liar!


And lastly, the mere fact that a presidential candidate would cavort with and seek the advice of someone of Gaffney’s ilk should automatically disqualify one from becoming president. Of course 


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