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California’s 2010 Le Mans Endurance Award Winner - LA Mayor Tony Villaraigosa


Congratulations to….
LA Mayor Tony Villaraigosa
2010 “Le Mans Endurance” Award Winner
FYI: the Le Mans is a sport racing endurance series based around the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The series was originally named the Le Mans Endurance Series.
The WatchDawg is proud to announce that Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villaraigosa is the hands-down winner of this esteemed award, despite keen competition among like-minded colleagues sitting as state legislators in California over the years.
Prior to duping the voters in Los Angeles into electing him as Mayor in 2005, Tony the Tiger dedicated the majority of his life porking out at the public trough.
As a public servant dedicated to serving his own personal interests, I’m sorry I mean the public’s interests, Tony the Tiger proved beyond all doubt that he possesses the necessary qualifications to compete in any and all endurance races.
In fact, as you’ll see from the evidence below, Tony has proven beyond all doubt that he possesses the necessary courage, fortitude, mettle, stamina, spunk, tenacity, persistence and steadfastness required to be the recipient of this award.
In 200 while he was allegedly representing the citizens of the 45th Assembly District in Los Angeles, Tony consumed 5,500 gallons of fuel ($8,170). Tony had the chutzpah to claim that said fuel use was for the sole purpose of engaging in state approved functions. Yeah sure it was Tony!!
Given the geographical insignificance of the 45th District in LA, the consumption of 5,500 gallons of fuel by Tony the Tiger means that at 20 mph he must have driven at least 110,000 miles. Since Tony spent at least 180 days in Sacramento, this means he drove at least 489 miles each and every day he was in Los Angeles.
Given the horrific traffic in LA, at best, Tony would have been lucky if he averaged 30 miles per hour while he was engaged in scouring for votes in LA in 2000. Therefore, he would have spent at least twenty (20) hours each and every day driving in LA. If this isn’t proof positive that Tony possesses the endurance to be the recipient of this award, then I don't know what is.
If Tony’s publicly paid for ride (is there another kind Tony sez!) rated at 30 mph, then he would have spent at least thirty (30) hours on the road in LA in 2000. Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers, is Tony a dedicated public servant or what?
Do you know of any public servant who has sacrificed to this extent on behalf of his constituents in California over the past twenty or more years? What a guy!! If we could only clone Tony the Tiger, then Gov. Jerry Brown wouldn't experience any angsrt in eliminating the state's horrific budget deficit, right? After all, if every state employee was willing to work 20 to 30 hours a day, Gov. Brown could fire at least 50% of them, right?"
In closing, the real truth regarding Tony the Tiger is that he found it acceptable to bill the taxpayers living in Bakersfield, Orange County, Eureka and/or El Dorado County to pay for his campaign for LA Mayor in 2000, a race which he ultimately lost by a large margin. Thanks for your continued and anticipated future disservice Tony!!!
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