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Justice Rolando Acosta of New York; apologist for Judicial Misfit


Justice Rolando Acosta of New York County has unfortunately been sitting on the bench since 1997. Since he was gifted with a law license, Justice Acosta has spent the lion’s share of his adult life porking out at the public trough.
In March 2010, Justice Acosta was appointed to the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct which is for all intent and purposes an organization that specializes in excusing egregious judicial misconduct.
In late 2010, Justice Acosta sat on a case involving the misconduct of Judge Gerard Maney of Albany. In that case Judge Maney was charged with attempting to avoid criminal responsibility for drunk driving by attempting to abuse his judicial position in seeking favorable treatment from law enforcement.
Evidence presented to Justice Acosta regarding Judge Maney’s egregious misconduct included the following facts:
  • It was proven that Judge Maney’s was drunk as a skunk (my apologies to drunken skunks)
  • After spotting a sobriety checkpoint, Maney attempted to evade the roadblock by making an illegal U-turn
  • Maney then drove for half a mile while pursued by police
  • He refused to submit to an alcohol pre-screening device by rinsing his mouth with mouthwash
  • Maney repeatedly referred to his judicial office by repeatedly requesting “professional courtesy” and “consideration” from the arresting officers
It was established that Judge Maney’s conduct was calculated to evade responsibility for his misconduct and to ensure that the law, which every judge is sworn to uphold, would not be applied to him personally.
Despite this overwhelming evidence that Judge Maney was unfit to remain on the bench, Justice Acosta ruled to provide him with a complimentary censure. It is patently clear that Justice Acosta is unfit to sit on a Commission that has a clear and unambiguous duty to protect the public from Judicial Misfits.
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