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Judge Gerard Maney of Albany, NY; Il Duce Wannabee, arrogant, certified lush

Judge Gerard Maney unfortunately sits as a Family Court Judge in Albany, New York since 1991.
On June 18, 2009, after consuming alcoholic beverages at a private club in Albany County, Judge Maney drove his car while under the influence of alcohol (DUI). At about 8:30 PM, as Judge Maney’s car approached the Green Island Bridge, where local police were operating a sobriety checkpoint. Maney then made an illegal U-turn in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint.
Subsequently, Officer Vogel went after Maney and after determining he was drunk, asked him to take a sobriety on an alcohol pre-screening device (PSD); however, his Dishonor refused to take the test.
When Officer Vogel stepped away from Maney’s car to call for back-up, he used mouthwash to attempt to mask the odor of alcohol on his breath. Judge Maney asked Officer McCutchen, who knew him to be a judge, “if there was anything we could do to resolve the matter” and if the office could extend him “unprofessional (I’m sorry, I mean professional) courtesy.” McCutchen replied that the matter was “out of his hands” because an investigator from the DA’s office was on the scene.
When McCutchen asked Maney to take the sobriety test, he complied this time; however, the text confirmed he was drunk as a skunk. Judge Maney again asked McCutchen for “professional courtesy.” McCutchen then relented and extended the courtesy Maney sought by handcuffing him and transporting him to the Green Island Police Station.
Over the next hour while in custody, Judge Maney repeatedly asked Office McCutchen for “courtesy” and “consideration,” requested that his arrest not be publicized and made numerous references to his judicial status, including that he had been a judicial drunk, I’m sorry I mean judge for 18 years, presides over drug court and puts people in jail, and was running for the Supreme Court. That’s all the good folks in New York need is another drunk sitting on the Supreme Court.
While in custody, Maney made several phone calls in an attempt to reach an attorney. He also attempted to reach Albany County DA David Soares, who he knew would be the prosecuting authority for the charges against him. Maney told the police officers that he was calling Mr. Soares for the purpose of trying to minimize publicity of his arrest.
As a result of Judge Maney’s egregious misconduct, the enablers and apologists sitting on the New York Commission on Judicial Misconduct (Judges Thomas Klonick, Rolando Acosta, Karen Peters and Terry Jane Ruderman) gifted Maney with a complimentary censure. That’ll teach him, right?
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