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Attorney Christine Stroemer of St. Paul, MN; ethically tapped out

Attorney Christine Stroemer has been practicing her brand of family law in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area for about 24 years. She is presently associated with the Collins Buckley Santry & Haugh law firm in St. Paul.
Christine Stroemer was infamous for representing the Dishonorable Judge Timothy Blakely during his divorce. In September 2009, the Minnesota Supreme Court suspended Judge Blakely without pay for six months due to his unethical dealings with Ms. Stroemer.
Ms. Stroemer and Judge Blakely were involved in a little horse trading wherein he referred at least 17 clients to her in return for a $64,000 reduction in attorney fees he owed her and/or Collins Buckley Santry & Haugh. Put simply, they were engaged in a hybrid form of “quid pro quo.”
Judge Blakely’s bitter divorce began in 2002 and he allegedly had problems pay his legal fees. He eventually ended up owing the Collins Buckley Santry & Haugh law firm over $109,000 and paid somewhere around $45,000. The law firm had the chutzpah to claim that the $64,000 owing to it was merely written off. (Minneapolis Star-Tribune – 9/18/2009)
In several emails from Ms. Stroemer to Judge Blakely regarding the $64,000 he owed, she repeatedly thanked him for the mediation referrals (client referrals) he made to her and/or the Collins firm.
Judge Blakely had the chutzpah to claim that he was unaware that his conduct was unethical and/or that it involved a conflict of interest. Of course this is an obvious lie because it was noted that his “lips were moving” when he made this hyperbolic (BS) assertion.
One not need be a mental giant to understand that a judge is involved in a serious conflict of interest when he refers family law clients to his own divorce attorney who subsequently represents said clients in the judge’s court.
As of this date (ca. Dec 2, 2010) Ms. Stroemer has not received any discipline from the Minnesota Supreme Court for his egregious misconduct. Of course this is in keeping with the practice of holding attorneys and judges to a lower standard of conduct then we are held to.
I would advise anyone seeking legal assistance in the Minneapolis/St. Paul to steer clear of Ms. Christine Stroemer and the Collins Buckley Santry & Haugh law firm.
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