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Alex Jones says, Liberal women love having Jihadis stomp on their head 


In a recent (early February 2016) airing of the InfoWars comedy radio show, resident comedian and Degenerate Lunatic Alex Jones went on a vicious attack against liberals by falsely claiming they’ve been “brainwashed” by “the left” to hate themselves and their culture. (Brian Tashman)


Alex the Loon told his intellectually insolvent listeners:

  • “The left teaches in schools self-loathing, self-hating, where your identity is hating yourself, so when someone rapes or stabs a woman, it is a beautiful thing because it is a German or it’s a French woman being stabbed, she deserves this.”

Alex then stated that Liberals “smile” at the crimes committed by “jihadis,” he said, because they have a “mental illness” and “hate Jesus.” He then went on to say:

  • “A lot of liberal women, as you know, the new thing is having a jihadi [baby]” 
  • “Even in Austin, Texas, I’ve seen it and heard about it that slaps you and knocks your teeth out.”
  • “There’s nothing sexier than a jihadi because it’s so fun to have him step on your head and kick you in the gut.”

The Lying Loon finished up his rant by saying:

  • “Now, if the man treats you good and loves Jesus, he’s bad.”
  • “But if he kicks you in the teeth and stomps on you, it’s liberal, it’s trendy, you go smoke a hookah [herbal cigarette] with him, and its fun.”

What would really be satisfying to anyone with an I.Q. in triple digits is to see one or more liberal women wearing spiked heels get together and “stomp” on Alex’s head and “knock out” his teeth.


If it was a felony to tell falsehoods like Alex does on a regular basis, then he’d likely receive a lengthy prison sentence. If so, I would hope that the sentencing judge would send him to the Folsom Penitentiary and order he be assigned to cell No. 144 where he’d be bunked up with Clarice (real name Clarence) who is rumored to be one of the friendliest guys in the joint.


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