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Sanders will toss us in Forced Labor Camps like Mao Zedong


During a recent (early February 2016) interview withInfoWars reporter Rich Reeves said he’d “love nothing better than to see Bernie Sanders take a victory here in Iowa.” (Brian Tashman)


Alex Jones is a Celebrated Lunatic, Unabashed Fabricator of False Facts and Aspiring Standup Comedian who operates The Alex Jones Comedy Radio Show out of Dallas, Texas. In response to Reeves’ rant regarding Bernie Sanders, Alex said:

  • “I agree, he would be great to defeat.” Jones responded.
  • “But I don’t want to be put in his forced labor camp.” “
  • “I don’t want to be ruled over by that piece of crap.”
  • “It’s so creepy to have a hardcore commie who wants to put me in a forced relocation camp like Mao Zedong.”

Fellow loon Reeves responded to Alex’s statements by saying:

  • “If Bernie Sanders somehow were to become president, I suspect that you and I would become illegal immigrants somewhere.”

If all it took was for Sanders to be elected president to rid us of bigoted loons like Alex Jones and those of his ilk, I’d surely vote for Sanders.


I’m pretty sure that as he deposits ten-of-thousands of dollars in his personal bank account, Alex is laughing at the stupidity and gullibility of the folks that tune in to listen to his crap.


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