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Is the Republican Party Mantra for the Nov. 2010 Election pure Hyperbole (BS)?

This Ol’ Dawg has been a registered Republican since June 1965. This was in keeping with the conservative views of my late Father, Grandpa and numerous Uncles who believed in the mantra from the Vatican (Good ol” Catholics all) that everyone one of us was created equal in the eyes of God.
It should be noted that I was at the time and remain an Eisenhower (Ike) and/or Rockefeller type Republican. This was true of many of my compatriots in the Toledo, Ohio area (a well-recognized liberal community) during the late 1950s through the early 1980s.
Sadly, the Republican Party that I once endorsed has been hijacked by a bunch of bible-thumping bigots and hypocrites who find it convenient/acceptable to divide us rather than unite us such as:
  • Newt Gingrich – at least 3 wives and untold number of paramours (can’t comment on their gender)
  • Tom Delay – ex-Speaker of the House and certified ethical leper-con
  • SC Gov. Mark Sanford – Heretic dedicated to screwing a Hot Tamale in Argentina at taxpayer expense
  • US Senator David Vitter – a hooker’s dream client
  • US Senator John Ensign – Family Man engaged in screwing the help
Let me ask you what, Boyz and Girls. Who in the world would knowingly associate with and/or follow the demented rants of any of the above named duplicitous hypocrites?
It cannot be disputed that ex-President Richard Nixon and his cadre of bigots/racists went about devising a scheme to divide us rather than unite us by parlaying real and/or perceived racial divisions amongst us as a means to electoral success. Sadly, it worked!
Would any rational person actually belive that an African-American, Latino, Asian and/or Muslim Father or Mother is not dedicated to assuring that their offspring enjoy a better life than they did? Of course not! The die-in-the-wool bigots/racists would seemingly demure!  In their demented and self-serving world “Its Us” (that’d be White Folks) vs. “Them” (You know who “them” is, right?)
If we go down this road and let the purveyors of hate succeed, then I fear what they really have in store for “them” let along “us.”
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