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Does Obama give a bad name to Wimps in kowtowing to Republican Demands?

Bush told the Dems and others, “my way or the highway” and/or “Bring-it-own.” Sadly it is now apparent that despite a mandate from the voters, Obama sadly opted to be fitted for a pair of industrial strength knee pads in attempting to kowtow to the demands of right-wing, bible-thumpin nutcases like Senators Mitch McConnell and/or Grassley of Iowa and/or House members John Boehner and/or Eric Cantor.
Trying to engage in civil discourse with these self-serving hypocrites would be akin to trying to convince the late Jeffrey Dahmer that a carnivorous diet was unhealthy.
Anyone with an I.Q. higher than the legal speed limit in a school zone would have or should have recognized early on that the Republican buffoons (my sincerest apologies to buffoons) named above had absolutely no intention of engaging in a bi-partisan effort with Obama.
It is indeed unfortunate that Obama didn’t tell McConnell and his cadre of bible-thumpers to “go to hell” when they cheerfully and repeatedly flipped him off in his inept attempts at
In my heyday while attending Rosary Cathedral Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio, my friends and I would have treated McConnell and his cronies with the due disrespect they so richly deserved after they gleefully went about demeaning our President. He is our and I mean our President like it or not Delmas!
Tim, Mike, Jim and I would have treated a loser like Mitch McConnell to a little water-boarding down at the 10-mile Creek adjacent to the old DeVilbiss factory on Manhattan Blvd. Trust me Boyz and Girls, a sissy like McConnell or John Boehner wouldn’t have lasted one dip in the Creek before they decided to act in accordance with normal standards of conduct.
It is indeed sad that Obama and/or those inept and overpaid (trust me folks, they’re all overpaid!) advisors demanded that he seek to be the quintessential appeaser in dealing with Mitch McConnell and those of his ilk (FYI; Mr. McConnell, an ILK is not defined as a male ELK)
With all due respect to Obama, he should have told McConnell, et al. to kiss his ass when they cheerfully and repeatedly gave him the proverbial “finger.” Had he done so, McConnell would have learned early on that Obama was not a “chump” and wasn’t about to allow someone of McConnell’s ilk to dictate the enactment of necessary legislation to thwart further crimes by unscrupulous members of the Banking/Mortgage Industries and/or Wall Street.  
And lastly, I for one am truly disappointed in Obama’s inability to prove to the right-wing nutcases that he does indeed possess a set of industrial strength gonads.
Michael Moore, a favorite target of bible-thumping nutcases like Sarah Palin was right in exhibiting his angst at Obama’s lack of courage in forcing the enactment of laws/regulations to prevent further abuses by the high and mighty that have resulted in the destruction of the middle class that we once knew.
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