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Racial animus re: Native Americans (aka, Injuns) - ca: 1990s


First and foremost, below, and trust me they are the “facts,” are not the figment of this Ol’ Dawg’s imagination. Put simply, given my rather novel experiences over the years, I believe it is appropriate to document same for the benefit of those who will likely never be witness to such events.
Many years ago (ca. 1991) my wife and I embarked on a vacation wherein we drove from Columbus, Ohio to the West coast along with my two grandsons Greg and Alex (9 and 7 at the time. The trip included a drive to Vancouver, BC, on to LA and then through Arizona, Texas and then home.
While driving through South Dakota Greg and Alex told me they wanted to visit an Indian Reservation. I then stopped at a gas station and inquired how one could access the Oglala Sioux reservation. The attendant advised me that there was an alleged uprising on the reservation and that unless I was armed I should stay away. I parlayed this information to Greg and Alex and told them we’d likely stumble across another reservation of Native Americans later.


As I was approaching Montana, Greg (in charge of the onboard Atlas) advised me that there was a Crow Reservation just south of Billings, Montana. I then pulled into a BP station a few miles away to inquire about the Reservation, which resulted in the following conversation between me and the attendant:

Me: Howdy! My grandsons have their hearts set on visiting an Indian Reservation.


Attendant: Well there’s a Crow Reservation just up the road.
Me: Earlier I stopped in South Dakota to take the boys on the Sioux Reservation but didn’t do so after being told that the locals were on the warpath so to speak.


Attendant: Well Sir, I can tell ya we don’t have any problems with our Indians here.


Me: What do ya mean?


Attendant: It ain’t unusual to find a dead Indian hanging from an overpass every so often.


Me: Were you born and raised here in Montana?


Attendant: No, I moved here a couple of years ago from Dayton, Ohio.


Me: We’re from Columbus, Ohio.


Attendant: How cool is that?


Me: How long does a feller have to reside in Montana before he becomes the lawful owner of one or more Injuns?

Of course this die-in-the wool bigot/racist had no response. If my grandsons weren’t present, I can assure you that I would have whooped this certified bigot and dumbass to a fair-the-well. Although it may not have changed his bigoted views, it damn sure would have made this Ol’ Boy feel quite good, if ya know what I mean.
Lastly and most importantly, my so-called ancestors (aka, good ol’ honkies) cheerfully went about stealing the land of our Native Americans while unmercifully slaughtering them to unjustly enrich themselves.
For one, I am thoroughly ashamed of my ancestor’s despicable conduct (aren’t you?). Every time this Ol’ Dawg visits a Casino owned and operated by an Indian tribe in Northern California, Michigan, Indiana, Texas and/or Louisiana, I personally delight in the fact that they are engaged in the time-honored act of fleecing losers that actually believe they’re going to be the new owners of the casino. Kinda gives a new meaning to “scalping” if ya know what I mean and appropriately so, right?
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