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Frank Gaffney sez Obama playing for other team in committing Treason


Frank Gaffney is a well known and totally disrespected right-wing lunatic that has made a handsome living spewing forth a variety of lies in attacking Obama.


During a recent (mid-December 2015) appearance with talk show host and comedian Greg Garrison of Indianapolis, Frankie decided to spew forth more of his defamatory falsehoods aimed at Obama. In this instance, he decided to blame Obama for the killings in San Bernardino by spewing forth the following defamatory falsehoods.

  • “What I believe this proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt — and I think this is also just the tip of the iceberg, by the way — is that the Obama administration is … well, they’re playing for the other team.”
  • “And this is an extraordinarily dangerous thing for this country to be experiencing at a moment like this, I think it’s contributing, frankly, to the mortal peril we’re facing from these jihadists.”

Frankie completed his lying rant by saying:

  • It is an “increasingly indisputable fact that this president is providing aid and comfort to enemies of the United States.”
  • “And that is the definition, as you know of treason.”

If anyone is guilty of treason it is Frankie the A-hole and those of his ilk. In fact, Frankie should be treated to a little “water-boarding,” something he believes is appropriate.


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