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Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK): Today's "Homophobe" Award Winner

In addition to being highly respected by the gay community for his untiring efforts at seeking justice and equality on their behalf, US Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is also a practicing gynecologist.
In the past while speaking as a die-in-the-wool advocate for the gay community (is there another kind when speaking about Sen. Coburn?) in regards to their agenda which he ardently supports, he said “Why do you think we see the rationalization for abortion and multiple sex partners? That’s a gay agenda.”
Hmmm Boyz and Girls, I wasn’t aware that a gay couple spent an inordinate amount of time and/or effort at assuring that neither of them became impregnated, were y’all? When I told my friend Rufus about this fact, he was stunned and said, “Goshes and Gollies Dave, that’s just amazin” but not unexpected.”
Of course since Tom Coburn is a well-respected bible-thumping gynecologist how in the world could his word reasonably be challenged? However, I must admit that I’ve never heard of a case wherein a member of the male species, gay or otherwise, ever sought out medical care from a gynecologist, have you? I can only imagine how painful it would be for some feller to undergo a hysterectomy, if y’all know what I’m saying.
I'm sure that some of y'all are of the opinion that Senator/Doctor Tom Coburn is a loser; however, his undying devotion in promoting the civil rights of the gay community prove such a claim to be disengenous at best.
I suspect that if Dr. Coburn performed this procedure on some feller that he’d likely be removed from the baritone section of the church choir to the soprano section.
Now we know why the sales of after-morning pills have dramatically increased in San Francisco, Austin and Columbus, Ohio, right?
Senator Tom Coburn is also an ardent supporter of a constitutional amendment allowing for gay marriages. I know what y’all are thinking! Has the Ol’ Dawg gone off the reservation and if not he must be suffering from a bad case of Alzheimer’s.
Let me assure y’all that this Dawg ain’t going nuts. Please don’t accuse me of falling off no Avocado truck in California’s Central Valley, if ya know what I’m saying, Okay?
If Senator Tom Coburn ain’t an avid supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, then y’all explain to me what in the world the following items are doing in Sen. Coburn’s Senate office?


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