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Elmer Gantry Wannabee Tony Perkins attacks reversal of Prop 8

Tony Perkins, director of the Family Research Council is a well known and respected hypocrite who delights in attacking the gay community. In fact, he’s made a pretty good livin at so acting. However, Ol’ Tony the Bigot isn’t satisfied in turning-a-buck by limiting his venomous attack against Gays. Tony has dedicated us useless life to also attacking blacks and other minorities in order to unjustly enrich himself.
In fact, The Nation claimed that in 1996, Tony paid former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke $82,000 for use of his mailing list during his tenure as campaign manager for Louse E. “Woody” Jenkins, a Republican candidate for US Senate in Louisiana. Of course Tony the Bigot denies any knowledge of this fact.
After US District Judge Walker ruled that California Prop 8 was unconstitutional, Tony the Rat said:
“This lawsuit, should it be upheld on appeal and in the Supreme Court, would become the ‘Roe v. Wade’ of same-sex marriage.”
“It’s time for the far left to stop insisting that judges redefine our must fundamental social institution and using liberal courts to obtain a political goal they cannot obtain at the ballot box.”
In a lame attempt at levity, Tony the Bigot went on to say:
“Marriage is recognized as a public institution, rather than a purely private one, because its role in bringing together men and women for the reproduction of the human race and keeping them together to raise the children produced by their union.”
And of course Tony the Rat is a close and dear friend of Newt Gingrich and SC Gov. Mark Sanford, moral giants for the proposition that married couples remain married to “raise the child produced by their union,” right?


Sadly, the bigoted rants and venomous attacks by Tony Perkins against the gay community are totally funded by the taxpayers since his specious organization is tax exempt. Put simply, the gays that he so cheerfully attacks are made to personally pay for his perverted and self-serving conduct.
Is America a great country or what? I’m sure Tony the Bigot and his cadre of bible-thumping hypocrites believes it is since the minorities they unmercifully attack are required to financially underwrite their disgusting conduct.
As Saint Paul was wont to say, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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