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Attorney Ana Gardiner of Ft. Lauderdale; liar, moron, ethical gnome

Unfortunately for the citizens of Broward County, Florida, ex- Florida Governor Lawton Chiles appointed Ana Gardiner to a judgeship in 1994.
Over a period of time, Judge Ana Gardiner engaged in a personal relationship with assistant Broward County Prosecutor Howard Scheinberg. During this time Scheinberg appeared in Gardiner’s court while prosecuting criminal cases.
Over a 155-day period in 2007, Gardiner and Scheinberg exchanged 949 phone calls and 471 text messages, averaging 9.35 per day. (Sun Sentinel – 3/4/10) During this time Gardiner was presiding over the first-degree murder case of Omar Loureiro, a case that was being prosecuted by Mr. Scheinberg.
Of course both Gardiner and Scheinberg failed to disclose this personal relationship to defense counsel. After the jury found Loureiro guilty, Gardiner sentenced him to death.
Gardiner’s elicit relationship with Scheinberg was uncovered when they were caught dining at Timpano’s, an upscale Ft. Lauderdale restaurant four-days before Gardner handed down the death sentence by Broward prosecutor and Sunrise City Commissioner Sheila Alu. Ms. Alu then reported Judge Gardiner’s misconduct.
Judge Ana Gardner’s False Denials and Hyperbolic (BS) Defenses
Subsequently the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) filed misconduct charges against Judge
In sworn testimony before the JQC, Gardiner had the chutzpah to deny she ever discussed the Loureiro case with Scheinberg, a false statement that was also made under oath by Scheinberg.
The JQC wasn’t buying these false (perjured) answers when it stated: “[Gardiner] failed to reveal the personal relationship and thousands of calls and text messages between you and Mr. Scheinberg. Your [Gardiner’s] answer demonstrates a lock of candor toward the commission.”
The record before the JQC proved that Gardiner and her paramour Scheinberg made 3,388 calls and text messages to each other. Despite this documented fact, Gardiner had the temerity to deny that she ever discussed any pending cases with Scheinberg.
Attorney Ana Gardner’s Current Status
Being the certified moron and coward that she clearly is, Gardner opted to resign from the bench in April 2010. In her resignation letter to Gov. Crist, and in a lame attempt at levity, Gardiner said, “It is with a combination of sadness, yet excitement, that I leave the Broward County Circuit Court bench.”
Ana Gardner is now employed as a partner with the law firm of Cole, Scott & Kissane in Ft. Lauderdale. On its self-serving web site, the Cole firm utterly fails to mention the egregious misconduct of its new partner.
Despite her egregious misconduct, the enablers/apologists for the Florida State Bar never took any action against Gardiner. This just further proves that Attorney/Judicial Misfits are held to a much lower standard of conduct than we are.

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