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Did Bristol Palin miss her calling as a standup Comedian?

According to an article written by Susan Jacoby (susanjocoby.com), Bristol Palin has indicated that she and her soon-to-be husband, Levi Johnston have agreed to abstain from having sex until their wedding night.
When I first read this tidbit, it took several minutes before I could stop laughing. I’m sure if your I.Q. even approaches triple digits you likely reacted the same way.
As we all know, Bristol and Levi were doing da thing for quite some time, which led to the birth of a little baby a year or so ago. Therefore, what in the hell is the point in proclaiming that you’re going to remain abstinent until the night of the wedding?
Making such an idiotic proclamation would be akin to the late Father John Geoghan, infamous pedophile priest from Boston, announcing that he would refrain from molesting eight-year-old alter boy Matthew until he turned nine.
In truth folks, what’s the point of this idiotic notice by Bristol Palin? Y’all been there and done that, dummy!


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