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Ex-Judge Michael Feinberg of New York; degenerate crook

Previously, Michael Feinberg was successful in duping the Governor and/or voters into placing him in an undeserved position of trust as a Surrogate (Probate) Judge in New York City.
Probate Judges (Surrogate in NY) are responsible for overseeing the estates of decedents and/or those of senior citizens that are allegedly in need of having a guardian appointed to oversee the dispensation of their estates.
In my years and years of investigation of corrupt judges and courts, I can say with a straight face that in many, many instances, Probate/Surrogate Judges are the most corrupt in the country. Put simply, rather than look out for the best interests of seniors and/or the heirs of decedents, many of these so-called judges find it convenient to line the pockets of their attorney friends with unjust fees. In other words, they find it acceptable to rape the dead and the heirs of the dead.
During his tenure on the Surrogate Court in New York City, Judge Feinberg found it acceptable to award his attorney-friend Louis Rosenthal nearly $9 million as counsel for the public administrator. He did so by awarding Rosenthal (another unethical attorney) 8% of the estates involved when the customary rate set by the NY Attorney General were limited to 6%.
Making matters even worse, Judge Feinberg permitted Rosenthal to rape decedent estates without requiring him to file affidavits to justify and support the actual work he performed in each case. Feinberg had the chutzpah to permit Rosenthal to merely attach “post-it-notes” declaring the amount of fees he demanded to be paid. Upon receipt of these sham post-it-notes, Judge Feinberg approved every request of Rosenthal for undeserved and unproven fees.
Subsequently, Judge Feinberg was charged with multiple counts of misconduct by the NY Judicial Commission in regards to the unconscionable and illegal fees he awarded to Rosenthal.
Judge Michael Feinberg’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defenses
Judge Feinberg had the chutzpah to testify that he didn’t do anything wrong because he was ignorant of the Surrogate Courts Procedure Act after “skimming” through it. I see Mikey Baby; your defense was “ignorance of the law.” As we all know, “ignorance of the law” is not a valid defense; however, in many instances it is a stepping-stone to higher office.
Feinberg had the temerity to further testify that he “overlooked” and “missed” Section 1108(2)(c) of the Surrogate Courts Procedure Act, which states in relevant part:
“Claims for legal fees shall [mandatory] be supported by an affidavit of legal services setting forth in detail the services rendered, the time spent, and the method or basis by which requested compensation was determined.”
The real “skimming” going on here was Judge Feinberg’s continuing conduct in allowing attorney Rosenthal to reach into the grave and steal from the dead. It would take frivolity to new heights to believe that Feinberg wasn’t collecting a little “vig” from Rosenthal, right?
Hmmm, I wonder if this defense would have worked for John Gotti. Ya Honor, I didn’t know it wasn’t legit to murder someone, especially when they deserved it. Wit ‘dat said ya Honor, I ain’t guilty cuz when I read the Ten Commandments I kinda like skimmed thru it if ya knowz what I means.
Dawg’s commentary
It takes a special breed of despicable pervert to set into motion schemes to steal from the dead or their heirs. 
Given the high standards followed by some of our well-known ethical stalwarts of the past, like Albert “The Mad-hatter” Anastasia, Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, Giuseppe “Joe the Boss” Masseria, and Sam “Momo” Giancana, I seriously doubt that any of them would have acted in the same manner in stealing from the dead like Mikey and Louie so cheerfully did. At least these fellows possessed a modicum of ethics that wouldn’t allow this type of aberrant behavior to take place.
Removing Mike from the bench did not in any way ameliorate the wrongs he cheerfully visited upon the hundreds of victims that were unfortunate enough to have died in Brooklyn during his reign of criminality.
Mike and Louis should rightfully be taken out in the public square and disemboweled, but only with the caveat that this author receives exclusive rights to closed-circuit TV. Of course it goes without saying that neither or Louis Baby were ever criminally prosecuted by the wimp prosecutors in Brooklyn.
This only proves that Judicial/Attorney Misfits are held to a lower stand of conduct than we are, right?
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