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Judge Julian Hall of the UK; a pedophiles best friend

Sadly for the good citizens of the UK, Judge Julian Hall has been sitting on the Oxford Crown Court for many years.
During his years of disservice to the community, Judge Hall has dedicated his useless judicial career to acting as the Chief enabler and apologist for convicted and/or admitted pedophiles. The instances wherein Judge Julian Hall acted as an advocate for perverted pedophiles (PPs) is set forth below.
Hey boys and girls, would you even consider allowing your six-year-old daughter to do a sleepover at Judge Julian Hall’s home? I didn’t think so.
Judge Julian Hall’s 1st Bite at the Pedophile Apple Tree
In a case involving 71 year old Eric Cole, a previously convicted pedophile who had sexually assaulted a six-year old girl, Judge Hall set the pervert free. In a disgusting move, Judge Hall told Cole to pay his victim compensation of £250, adding: "If it buys her a nice new bicycle, that's the sort of thing that might cheer her up."
I’d be willing to contribute to a fund to hire some feller to sexually assault Judge Julian Hall to see if that sort of thing might cheer him up. How about you?
Judge Julian Hall’s 2nd Bite at the Pedophile Apple Tree
Window cleaner Keith Fenn was yet another lucky pedophile who was convicted of raping a ten-year-old girl when his case was assigned to the Dishonorable Judge Julian Hall.
In this case, the ten-year-old girl was attacked in a park in Henley-on-Thames in South Oxfordshire by Mr. Fenn and his fellow pedophile, Darren Wright. Fenn removed all of the girl’s clothes and raped her and then Wright took her to his home in Mount View and sexually assaulted her.

Judge Hall had the audacity to refer to the ten-year-old girl as a “young woman.” The Pervert’s best friend went on to say that the rape was exceptional because she had been wearing a frilly bra. Hall went on to laughingly say “In my experience [as an advocate for pedophiles] this is the most difficult sentencing excercise I have ever had to decide on.”
The Pedophiles Best Friend went on to say, the court heard that the ten-year-old regularly wore make-up and jeans. “Did she look like she was ten? Certainly not! She looked 16, that was a matter that was accepted,” said Judge Hall.
Now I understand Julian Baby, if the ten-year-old was actually 16, then raping her would have been perfectly acceptable, right?
For raping a ten-year-old girl, Judge Hall sentenced both rapists to 18-months in jail.
It appears that the Grandmother of this poor little girl was outraged at the obscene sentence that Judge Julian Hall meted out. Put simply, Grandma was obvioulsy pissed off as can be seen by her reaction in court.
An unreliable source indicated that in addition to the unconscionably light sentences Judge Hall handed out to repeat pedophile Eric Cole that he ordered Cole to provide him with copies of his DVD collection of child pornography. Being the fair jurist that he clearly is, Judge Hall promised Cole that he would reciprocate by giving him copies of his DVD collection of child pornography. What a guy!
Luckily for me, another unreliable source provided me with a photo of Judge Julian Hall hard at work on the court’s computer at the Oxford Crown Court.
I’d relish the thought of Judge Julian Hall being incarcerated at the Altcourse Prison in Liverpool and assigned to Cell No. 177 along with Clarice (his real name is Clarence). I’m confident that Clarice would treat Judge Julian Hall with the disrespect he so richly deserves. And if he were incarcerated, I would respectfully suggest that he spend a few bucks to purchase the product pictured to the right.
How in the hell is it even remotely possible that this certified loser remains on the bench? Apparently, the so-called in-justice system in the UK ain’t much better than what us Yankees have to put up with here in the good Ol’ U. S. of A.

And lastly, if justice were truly blind and fair, Judge Julian Hall should rightfully be disemboweled in the public square. In fact, the event should be televised by BBC for everyone’s enjoyment

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