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Worker’s Compensation Judge Jeremiah Shea of Helena; certified moron

Judge Jeremiah Shea sits on the Montana Worker’s Compensation Court in Helena.
In the recent past, Brock Hopkins whose job is to feed grizzly bears at Great Bear Adventures in West Glacier, Montana was injured when one of the bears attacked him. As a result of the attack, he applied for worker’s compensation.
However, Great Bear Adventures discovered that prior to showing up for work on the day in question, Mr. Hopkins got high on left handed cigarettes (aka, marry-wanna), a fact he readily admitted. Because he was under the influence of an illegal substance at the time of the bear attack, the application for worker’s compensation was obviously and rightfully denied.
Under Montana law an employee is not entitled to worker’s compensation benefits if the employee’s use of alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a physician is a major contributing cause of the accident.
After the denial of benefits, Mr. Hopkins filed an appeal that was heard by Judge Jeremiah Shea. Unbelievably, this buffoon reversed the denial of benefits and in his asinine ruling said: His use of marijuana to kick off a day of working with grizzlies was “ill advised to say the least and mind-bogglingly stupid to say the most.”
The moron went on to say in his ruling, “Grizzlies are equal opportunity maulers, attacking without regard to race, creed, ethnicity, or marijuana usage.” Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers Mr. Wizard that’s like a really, really profound statement. Whewee, I’m impressed with this moron’s intellect, aren’t you? The idiot then reversed the original denial of benefits and awarded benefits to Mr. Hopkins.
Obviously, if you get high on drugs knowing you’re going to be working with grizzly bears, then you bear the responsibility for any unfortunate injuries that you may sustain. To suggest otherwise is absurd.
Who in the hell do losers like Judge Jeremiah Shea keep their jobs? Or more importantly, who was the wizard that hired this buffoon?
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