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Is Bell, California Police Chief Randy Adams a crook?

So-called Bell, California Police Chief Randy Adams is without doubt a disgusting individual who has dedicated his career to screwing the taxpayers.
Prior to becoming anointed as Bell’s Police Chief, Handy Randy spent 23 years with the Ventura Police Department and was the Simi Valley Police chief (ca. 1995-2002.)
Randy receives an annual salary of $457,000 from the poor citizens of Bell, California, a town made up of 85% Latinos with the lowest median household income in California.
This certified loser (my sincerest apologies to losers) will likely be forced to resign along with his fellow thief, City Manager Robert Rizzo with an annual pension of $400,000 or more.
To think that this loser was actually a police officer and Police Chief for the last twenty-five years is quite disturbing. In Adams’ case, I suppose the term to “to protect and serve” has a totally different meaning if ya know what I mean.
In all honesty, the citizens that Adams screwed over the years in Ventura, Simi Valley and Bell should have been provided with inversed chastity belts for the ultimate protection against crooked public officials. At a minimum, Adams along with Rizzo should be ordered to pay for the costs to provide a one-year supply of Preparation H to their victims in Bell.
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