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Attorney Jim Nooney of Toledo, Ohio – one of the good guys

Attorney Jim Nooney has been a member of the Eastman & Smith law firm in Toledo, Ohio. Eastman & Smith along with Mr. Nooney are primarily involved in defending clients who are in many instances the victims of plaintiff’s attorneys (aka, ambulance chasers).
I met Mr. Nooney in early 1992 and subsequently hired him to pursue an appeal on my behalf, an appeal that was 100% successful.
Mr. Nooney was thoughtful and thoroughly honest in his dealings with me. In fact, he advised me that the bulk of the work would be done by an underling at a much lower hourly rate then he billed. However, he was adamant that he would closely supervise the underling’s work and nothing would be filed without his personal approval.
In fact, I recall calling Jim after reviewing a billing statement that contained a charge for time spent reviewing medical records from a gynecologist. Jim was thoroughly embarrassed and couldn’t stop apologizing. It was obvious to me that it was an honest clerical error. Of course it opened the door for me to make light of the situation. My recollection is that I said something like I could understand the billing if it related to a proctologist I visited in an attempt to rectify the damages I incurred from attorneys David R. Pheils, Jr. and E. J. Leizerman. We had a good laugh and that was the end of that.
It would be nice if Mr. Nooney’s DNA could be implanted into every law student attending law schools at the Univ. of Toledo, Ohio State Univ. and/or Case Western. At a minimum, it certainly would be of great benefit to those Ohioans seeking ethical legal advice.
Thanks for the wonderful experience Jim! It was delightful even though I had to pay for it. In truth Jim, it was worth every dollar!
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