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Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of WV; arrogant, ethical gremlin, certified moron



Unfortunately for West Virginians, Robin Jean Davis became a justice on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in 1996 and remains on the bench as of this writing. Justice Davis’ so-called lawyer husband, Scott Segal is a plaintiff’s lawyer (ambulance chaser) who focuses on mega-lawsuits against deep-pocket corporations, many of which appear to be frivolous to the nth degree.
Since her ascension to the West Virginia Supreme Court, Justice Davis has helped in making West Virginia almost heaven for trial lawyers – including of course her hubby Scott.
Robin and Scott were severely criticized in regards to a case in which the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs who claimed possible exposure to toxic substances (asbestos, etc.) could collect large sums from corporate defendants for lifetime medical testing. Hey Scotty — would you support free lifetime colonoscopy testing for victims of judicial misfits like your wife Robin, and ambulance chasers like yourself?
Shortly thereafter, Scotty became involved in a lawsuit seeking such medical monitoring on behalf of healthy smokers. Justice Davis dismissed any suggestion that she should have recused (withdrew) herself from the case by noting, “There’s not a personal-injury case that comes before this court that at some point, some time, couldn’t affect my family.”
Now, this is one arrogant simpleton! Apparently, this nitwit is incapable of comprehending the meaning of the term “conflict of interest.” Where does she get off thinking she has a right to judge cases that involve her husband? Since she’s married to this ambulance chaser, we must presume that she shares in any booty (fees) that he collects via court approved extortion of deep pocket defendants.
The Segal Law Firm
This firm was formed on Nov. 6, 1996, when Robin, one of its founders was elected to the Supreme Court.
This celebrated ambulance chasing firm has the chutzpah to claim it was formed “to serve the needs of the working men and women of West Virginia.” This is pure bunk. It was formed to take advantage of Robin’s new position of influence, and to enrich Scotty (Robin gets half as a wife) and the other attorneys while they troll for alleged victims in pursuit of ripping-off deep pocket corporations.
On his website, Scotty has the chutzpah to spin the following hyperbolic (BS): "Few catastrophic injuries are the result of fate. Law, engineering, science and medicine are the tools which we stop the irresponsible." Hey Scotty Baby, what tools would you personally recommend to prevent Judicial Misfits such as your wife Robin from inflicting on the good citizens of West Virginia? Would an industrial strength inversed chastity belt receive your stamp of approval Scotty?
Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis’ Total Lack of Ethics
It is obvious to this writer that Robin lacks the intellect to appreciate what a “conflict of interest” really is. For this ninny to assert that there isn’t even the “appearance” of a “conflict of interest” when she sits in judgment of cases involving her husband’s financial interests is an unmitigated falsehood and she knows it.
This is akin to believing that there would have been no conflict of interest had the late President of Uganda, Idi Amin been employed to give an honest critique on the rather novel dining habits of Jeffrey Dahmer. 



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