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Mel Gibson’s desire to enforce Dress Code on Wife

Recent news stories (actually media feeding frenzy) would lead one to believe that Mel Gibson may well be a candidate for an intensive class in anger management. I trust that Mel will forgo accepting an invitation to the O.J. Simpson Institute for Marital Bliss located in Boca Raton, Florida.
According to reports of taped conversations Mel recently had with his wife, he exhibited extreme angst at her choice of attire; especially anything that he felt was revealing and/or tight fitting.
I can appreciate Mel’s angst given the fact that his wife Robyn is a looker as they say. With all due respect to Mel, he may well want to consider providing his wife with an outfit as pictured to the right. It would be difficult to imagine that if Robyn was willing to adorn herself with this clothing that he would object, right?
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