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Is US Atty Montero a moron in arguing for Obama’s drilling moratorium in the Gulf?

US Attorney Guillermo Montero was the lead attorney in defending the Obama administration against the frivolous (in this Ol’ Dawg’s opinion) lawsuit of Big Oil in seeking an injunction to prevent implementation of Obama’s six-month moratorium on deep sea drilling in the Gulf.
Once this sham (is there another kind? lawsuit was filed it was assigned to US District Judge Martin Leach Feldman of New Orleans. Upon receipt of the lawsuit, attorney Guillermo Montero knew for a fact that Judge Feldman had been assigned to hear the matter.
Any competent attorney interested in representing the best interests of his client, which in this case was the Obama Administration, had an absolute duty to review Judge Feldman’s record to determine if the “mere appearance of bias” existed in regards to the plaintiffs.
Furthermore, it was Mr. Montero’s duty to determine if evidence existed that would lead a reasonable person (FYI: Mr. Montero, that’d be somebody with an I.Q. higher than the legal speed limit in a school zone in Orleans Parish) to conclude that Judge Feldman should recuse himself because of the appearance of a “conflict of interest.”
Apparently, attorney Guillermo Montero and his minions utterly failed to perform even a minimal investigation to determine whether Judge Martin Leach should be removed from the case for bias and/or due to an inherent conflict of interest.
A cursory review of Judge Feldman’s financial disclosure statements by Mr. Montero would have disclosed that his umbilical cord was firmly attached to Big Oil. For irrefutable evidence that Judge Feldman’s financial interest in Big Oil, I invite you to review the article found at the URL below.
Is US Judge Martin L. Feldman an enabler and lackey for Big Oil? Dern Tootin!!
Even though it cannot be disputed that Judge Feldman had an ethical duty to recuse himself from this case because of his financial ties to Big Oil, his failure to so act does not excuse the moronic conduct of U.S. attorney Guillermo Montero. Montero is an embarrassment to dedicated Attorney Misfits if ya know what I mean.
Not to fret Boys and Girls as to the costs of Mr. Montero’s gross incompetence and/or the egregious conduct of Judge Martin Feldman in failing to recuse himself.
The costs of this fiasco will be borne in full by the taxpayers (that’d be you Boyz and Girls). In fact, you’re paying for the worthless services of Judge Feldman, attorney Montero and his cadre of incompetent losers.
Since the Obama Administration has announced it will appeal Feldman’s rather novella ruling in favor of his financial benefactors, this exercise in frivolity will or could cost y’all taxpayers well in excess of $1 million. Isn’t Louisiana and British Petroleum a great country? If y’all don’t believe me, then I’d suggest you commiserate with US Rep. of Texas and those of his Ilk
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