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Are members of the legal Industry more ethical than Ministers?


An unreliable source indicated to me several years ago (ca. 2002) that several prestigious law schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Univ. of Michigan and the Univ. of Chicago mandated that students in there respective law schools be required t o take two (2) primary courses prior to graduation.
That mandate apparently required that a law student ascribe to courses that would ultimately lead to a student being awarded with a degree in law along with a degree in theology.
 Tenured law professors at Stanford, Yale, Harvard, etc. opined that a dual-degree in law and theology would afford a dishonest attorney/jurist (Is there another kind Matilda?) with the opportunity to seek gainful employment in the second (2nd) most ethical profession known to mankind (that’d be the Clergy Delmus!) in the unlikely event that his/her law license was revoked for engaging in egregious misconduct.
Obviously, the tenured law professors (meaning ya couldn’t get rid of them regardless of their provable misconduct) universally came to the conclusion that a crooked lawyer/judge had an absolute right to earn a dishonest living regardless of his/her misconduct.
In all truth Boys and Girls, is there really any significant difference between the hyperbole (aka, BS) spewed forth by attorneys and/or ministers?
In truth, the Legal Industry and the Religious Industry are all about relieving you of your hard-earned earnings. To believe otherwise is of course to ignore the truth!
As Jimmy Swaggart was wont to say, “Forward you contributions to – Hookers-for Christ.” Need I say more Boys and Girls?




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