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Rep. Dick Armey contends Obama lacks legal power to make BP pay

Former House Majority Leader Dick Army (ca. 1990s) has come to the defense of BP in regards to the devastation visited upon my friends in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and/or Florida.
Dick Armey is yet another apologist/enabler (aka, whore) who has found it convenient to support the oil giants such as BP.
In a rather lame and inept attempt to suck-up to his past and present benefactors (that’d be BP, Chevron, Shell, Exxon-Mobil, et al.), Dick Armey determined that it was in his best financial interest to comet to the defense of BP. Towards that end, Dick Armey said, “The point is, by what constitutional authority does the president of the United States say, ‘I will decide what redress will be made to the victims of this catastrophe, by this firm’ and ‘I will decide who are the victims and who are not the victims.”
Dick Armey went on to say, The Constitution doesn’t give that authority to the executive branch, sad the Freedom Works Co-Chairman.
Dick Armey takes “chutzpah” to new and as yet unseen levels by portraying himself as a dispenser of morality and ethics.
During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Dick Armey, the quintessential hypocrite demanded that President Bill Clinton resign. However, when right-wing, claimed born-again-zealots, family-values hypocrites such as Senators John Ensign of Nevada and/or David Vitter of Louisiana were caught with their hands in the proverbial ‘cookie jar,” Dick Armey opted to exercise his “right to remain silent.”
As could be expected, Dick Armey is a strong and un-repenting supporter of George W. Bush’s bullshit attack against Iraq under the BS premise that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of minimal destruction (aka, WMD.) 
Of course it goes without saying that a celebrated warmonger like Dick Armey never spent one day defending this country be serving in any branch of the U.S. military. Surprised?
Certified hypocrites, morons and/or idiots such as ex.-Rep. Dick Armey make me want to puke! To support sending the children of my friends/family members off to war in Iraq and/or Afghanistan while hiding behind the skirts of fellow-sissies such as (a) Rush Limbaugh, (b) Sean Hannity, (c) Ann “The Man” Coulter, and/or (d)  Glenn Beck is quite disturbing, right?
The aforementioned “sissies” make me want to puke! This Ol’ Dawg has personally visited “true American Patriots/heroes” at VA Hospitals in Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Louisville, Sacramento,
Finally, Mr. Armey, the term “Army of One” surely has no relevant meaning or reference to a celebrated coward (aka, impotent sissy) such as you in volunteering to defend this great country. I so acted during the Vietnam era in a designated “war zone,”
I personally have total contempt for you and those of your ilk Mr. Army that vigorously support sending my friend and/or acquaintances into “harms way” in pursuit of your definition of a “true patriot.” In truth Mr. Armey, you are not intellectually capable of discerning what it takes to be a “true American Patriot,” given the undisputed fact that you’re a certified “sissy” (aka, coward) that refused to sacrifice yourself on behalf of the country that you unashamedly and falsely claim to love!
Finally, and put simply, Mr. Army; you’re nothing more than a disgusting and unrepentant liar and fabricator of false facts in an overt and ongoing attempt to promote your BS agenda (aka, certified ass-kisser for the BP and t he Oil Industry.)
Finally Dick, Shame on you and all the other Dick’s that have agreed to act as whores (my sincerest apologies to whores) for Big Oil such as Dick “Big Dick” Cheney, et al.
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