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Rep. Michelle Bachman accuses Obama of demonizing BP

What can this Ol’ Dawg say about Rep. Michelle Bachman in proving she’s a perverted liar and a certified and demented nutcase that hasn’t already been said and documented by the media?
In my prior life in Toledo, Ohio (ca. 1955-1965) my friends and I would have, if confronted with an idiot like Michelle Bachman, escorted her to the Ten-Mile Creek and water-boarded her until she agreed to stop fabricating false facts in pursuit of promoting her idiotic agenda. Trust me boys and girls, Ol’ Michelle would have changed her attitude after one dunking in the creek.
In a farcical attempt at levity, Ms. Bachman recently decided it was time to come to the defense of BP and in the process lob a few fabrications Obama’s way. In forever proving she’s a certified nutcase and a practicing degenerate, Rep. Bachman said: 
  • During a luncheon at the Heritage Foundation (aka, Nutcases, Inc.) called forcing BP to setup a fund to pay damages to the working class impacted by the Gulf Coast spill “a redistribution-of-wealth-fund.”
  • “If I [Psycho Bachman] was the head of BP, I would let the signal get out there – ‘We’re not going to be chumps, and we’re not going to be fleeced.”
  • “And they (BP] shouldn’t have to be fleeced and made chumps to have to pay for perpetual unemployment and all the rest…”
  • He [Obama] demonizes BP, “He makes them evil, and what we’ve got to ask ourselves is: Do we really want to be paying $9 for a gallon of gas? Because that could be the final result of this”
  • “We [aka, nutcase enablers for BP] don’t think it’s a good idea for the federal government to see private industry as essentially a piggy bank for the federal government.”
Michelle grew up in Anoka, Minnesota and graduated from Anoka High School, the Halloween Capitol of the U.S. of A. I’m personally familiar with Anoka because in the late 1970s I purchased thousands of cases of beer celebrating Halloween in Anoka.
 Sadly for the male species in Anoka and in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, it appears that Rep. Michelle Bachman actually believes that Halloween is a yearly event, if ya know what I mean.
Due to Rep. Michelle Bachman’s penchant for lying and/or fabricating false facts, would you be surprised to learn that she is a lawyer? She received her law degree from Oral Roberts University? After all, doesn’t the average law school teach its students the proper manner in which to lie, obfuscate the truth, and tell bald-faced lies in order to unjustly enrich their students? Suffice it to say that Rep. Michelle Bachman obviously graduated “scum laude” in this area, right?
What’s with the voters of Anoka and/or the Minneapolis area?
My older brother James and my Mother resided in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for many years. During this time, I have personally visited the Minneapolis area, which allowed me the opportunity to discuss various matters with the residents.
My personal experience with the electorate in the St. Paul/Anoka/St. Cloud area raises serious questions as to why they would continue to support a nutcase like Rep. Michelle Bachman. Could it be that they possess an underlying bias because an African-American has been elected President? I certainly hope this is not the case!
Do yourself a favor (that’d be the voters in Bachman’s Congressional District) and rid yourselves of this nutcase in November 2010 and vote for her opponent.


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